Lindsay is a Ph.D. candidate studying Music Theory, Cognition, and Perception, with a focus on music-related emotion.


A curious researcher

Lindsay’s current work regards music and emotion, but she also has experience in psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, computer science, and piano performance. She uses her knowledge of these diverse subjects to fuel her passion for interdisciplinary research.

Research Interests

Music Perception and Cognition
Vocal and Affective Cues
Music Theory
Social Psychology

Music and Emotion
Music Information Retrieval
Music Theory Pedagogy
Film Music


Lindsay’s work centers broadly on how (and why) people relate to music. She uses a wide range of data analytic techniques in order to do this, including traditional music theoretic analysis, corpus studies, computational methods, behavioral studies, pharmacological procedures, and psychophysical methods. Her aim is to employ different kinds of data analysis to tell stories about why we love music.

Uncovering stories with data


publications and proceedings articles


conference presentations and posters


classes taught at the college level